Martti Nelson, Kim Roberts
Martti Nelson (L) and Kim Roberts  (R) get directed by Greg S. Jones
New York - September 17, 2006:  WINNER!  "Martti and Kim" is selected as the Best Educational Pilot of the NYTVF 2006!  Read the TV Squad article about the winners.  PSST!  You can spy Martti, Kim, Marc Collins and Cameron Roberts as the "pilot makers anxiously waiting for the ceremony" as well as in the winners' photos.

IMDB - September, 2006:  Martti and Kim are officially on IMDB.    Check us out and rate us highly!

New York - September 16, 2006:  TV Squad says our show "would work well on The Travel Channel"!  See the entire thumbs up review here!

Ocala - September 13, 2006:  Martti and Kim's hometown newspaper has written a feature all about it's two favorite cross-dressing, costume-wearing, pirate-loving girls!  It's called "Tour de Fouce" and is posted at

Orlando - August 30, 2006:  "Martti and Kim" receives it's first press!  Hal Boedeker, the Orlando Sentinel's "TV GUY" says about the pilot, "I'm sold.  I want to see it."  Thanks Hal!  Read the entire piece here.

Cyberspace - August 15, 2006:  The "Martti and Kim" page is live on NYTVF's MSN Spaces page!

New York - August 3, 2006:  The New York Television Festival and MSN Announce "MSN Artistic Achievement Award" and Development Deal Prize at 2006 Indie TV Festival.  Twenty-two original pilots will contend for $10,000 top prize in the Fest's second annual Independent Pilot Competition.

The Phone - July 24, 2006:  The "Martti and Kim" team get the call that the pilot is an official selection of the New York Television Festival 2006!   Shouting, screaming, jumping and hollering ensue.

St. Augustine - June 12, 2006:  Martti Nelson, Kim Roberts, Marc Collins, Cameron Roberts and Greg S. Jones narrowly survive the filming of "Martti and Kim's Story of... [Abridged]"