Martti Nelson (that's the redhead) and Kim Roberts (that's the blonde) are two crazy chicks with a knack for storytelling and a penchant for dressing up like weirdos. To feed both obsessions, they have produced their own independent pilot, "Martti and Kim's Story of... [Abridged]", in which they live the past! See them travel the globe and re-enact important and obscure moments in history. Especially obscure.

The pilot episode is about St. Augustine, Florida, The Oldest European Town in America.  Martti and Kim live the past of this beautiful city, from it's wild and untamed beginnings in 1565 to it's modern day attractions.  Along the way they encounter some of the more colorful characters of St. Augustine.  Why exactly did "Cracker" Daniels throw his cat Smokey from the top of the lighthouse?  And what was life really like in a settlement of 800 men and only 26 women?  Find out in "Martti and Kim's Story of... [Abridged]"!

The pilot for Martti and Kim's show was an official selection of The New York Television Festival 2006, and won the Best Educational Pilot award at the festival.

Zuwiekis Rule! Pictures and D7 Inc. have teamed up to produce the show.  The ladies established Zuwiekis Rule! Pictures to create the "Martti and Kim" comedic documentary/ travel/ history shows.  They are seeking to partner with a network or cable channel to develop the series.

D7 Inc. is a full service high definition production and post-production company specializing in documentaries, media for theme parks & museums, internal communications, and broadcast commercials. To view samples of their recent projects, please visit their website at