Martti Nelson
Martti Nelson currently lives in Los Angeles, California, where she acts in independent film, commercials, and sticks out like a sore thumb among all the tall, tan starlets. 

She co-created, co-produced and co-wrote this pilot along with her best friend of too-many-years-to-tell-you-about, Kim Roberts.  And they decided that they should star in it as well, naturally.  Geeks of a feather, as they say. 

Martti was born in a small town in Florida and grew up terrorizing the Ocala Civic Theatre (with partner in crime Kim) whilst appearing in many, many plays there.  She grew up… well… grew older (she stopped the upward momentum at 5'1") and attended Catawba College, majoring in Musical Theatre - Summa Cum Laude. 

After that, Martti moved to Chicago with her husband Marc Collins. 
Her Chicago and Regional theatre credits include Jessica in The Merchant of Venice, Lainie in Two Rooms, Jean McLaren in Brigadoon and Lea in My Sister in This House.  Marc and Martti happily acted in plays, indie films, industrials, etc. there until they tired of nice people and snow and decided to relocate to Los Angeles.  Just kidding - there are lots of nice people in L.A.  But, happily, not lots of snow.  Learn more about Martti at or at IMDB.