On a Friday the thirteenth, not so terribly long ago, Kim Roberts was born--to the sound of applause.  True story.  Naturally, she has chosen a career in acting.  Kim's passion for the theatre began at a tender age, and she is grateful to the Ocala Civic Theatre for providing her with an education in the craft, an outlet for performing, and her best friend, Martti.  After earning a B.A. in Interpretative Speech from Bob Jones University, Kim moved to Orlando where she continues to find gainful employment as a performer.  In a land of tourism and theme parks, Kim has found it necessary to hone certain other skills in addition to acting.  She can sing, she can't dance, but she can do stunts!  Memorable jobs include being a "Mermaid" at Weeki Wachee Springs (she can swim), portraying "Alice" (yes, "in Wonderland "), and being an opera-singing server at an Italian restaurant.  Currently Kim enjoys shooting a machine gun (as Sarah Connor) and wielding a sword while dressed in a harem girl outfit (as Princess Amoura) for Universal.  Her biggest claim to fame thus far is that she is featured on billboards, brochures, and magazines as "Princess Anita" for Pirate's Dinner Adventure.  In addition to live performance, Kim has also done several commercials, industrials, and independent films.  She would like to give special thanks to her husband, Cameron, for all the hard work he has put into "Martti and Kim's Story of . . . [Abridged]," and she can hardly wait to get cracking on episode two!
Kim Roberts